My First Blogging for Books Review

— feeling alien
The Library at Mount Char - Scott Hawkins

So this copy was sent to me free from Blogging For Books which is awesome but the book itself I am much more confused on. 


This was the weirdest book I've ever read. Definitely not my type of book at all despite being somewhere on the science fiction/fantasy spectrum. This book was vulgar, often gross, dark and full of characters you don't often like until suddenly you find you do. There are more weird plot twists in this book than I even want to attempt to count. Trying to describe this book is absolutely daunting and I'm not even sure where to start.


Yet I liked it. I think. Maybe even loved it. Its 24 hours later and I still don't know how I feel about this book. It was gross and laugh out loud funny, it was odd and sweet and sometimes even brilliant but it was also uncomfortable and icky and killed off characters you just started to like. Not in a Game of Thrones way, really, but more in an- "aww, I was just starting to really like them" sort of way. I will warn you this book is full of guts, literally. Violence is treated like nothing, rape is described and the torture of I think just about every character in the book. 


The thing is- I couldn't stop reading it.  I started it yesterday morning and finished a few hours later. I did nothing else all day but read this book. I desperately wanted to discuss this book with someone else who was reading it. Every time I thought the book had settled and I was, not comfortable, but almost felt familiar with what was going on everything would flip and change again. There are parts so sweet they almost made me want to tear up and the ending is- not obvious but kinda perfect?


I don't know. Even after all this I couldn't tell you if I liked it. I'm not sure I so much as recommend this as want others to read it so I can see their perspectives too. Which are all things I think a writer could want so that's good, right?


Anyway, this review is seriously lacking in actual descriptions of the book and I think it has to be that way because I lack the ability to describe it coherently (a problem I think the publishers had, too, because the book blurb is kinda horrible and describes points of the book, but the least important and doesn't give you a feel for the book at all.)


So in conclusion I want everyone to try this one, even a few pages because I need to see what others think. Especially people who maybe don't like the more grotesque like me.